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Music Extracurricular Activities


All Year

Students of all ages are invited to sing in the choir.  The group performs at school programs, in the community, and at some larger out of town events.  The choir explores unison and two part music, various styles and genres, and performance techniques.  High schoolers who also sing at FHS are encouraged to join us in this great leadership opportunity at MSAB!            

West African Drumming Ensemble

First Semester

Our West African drumming ensemble is open to middle school aged students and up.  Students learn traditional rhythms, songs, and techniques central to West African culture. The group plays on djembes that were specially crafted for our students and shipped from Ghana, as well as Remo djembes, tubanos, and other small percussion.

Rock Band

Second Semester

The MSAB Rock Band is a group that utilizes both acoustic and electric instruments, as well as adapted low-tech and high-tech options.  Students are exposed to pop/rock music of various decades. It is open to middle school aged students and up.

Music Listening Contest

First Semester

The Minnesota High School Music Listening Contest is a statewide music competition geared to our mainstreamed high school students.  Focused on classical music, the contest’s objective is “to inspire students to become lifelong participants in the musical experience”.  After forming a team of 3 peers, students are given a Study Guide (a curriculum which changes each year), audio examples, and then compete in a statewide contest in January.