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MN Resource Libraries

MN Resource Libraries (MNRL)

MN Resource Libraries is a statewide library providing information and resources to help families and educators meet the educational needs of Minnesota children and youth who have a hearing and or vision loss.


MN Resource Libraries Online Catalog


Patron Policy - Who is Eligible for Services?

Books and DVD’s available for loan to the general public. (Citizens of Minnesota)


Materials listed below are only available to licensed teachers and related service providers working with MN students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) and Blind/Visually Impaired (BVI) and or Deaf-Blind:


  • BVI AT Loan Program Material  (BVI Licensed Teachers Only)
  • BVI Braillers & Light Boxes (BVI Licensed Teachers Only)
  • BVI Assessments and Curriculum
  • D/HH Assessments


Related Service Providers include: Audiologists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Interpreters, Interveners, Transliterators, Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists (COMS), and Transcribers.


Proof of Identification:

When applying for a MN Resource Libraries account, please:

  • State your occupation and the school and district
  • Licensed Teachers will be identified on the MDE Teacher Licensure On-Line Look Up:


Students currently enrolled in higher education programs for D/HH, BVI or O&M will be required to state the program and institution to which you are enrolled



Applying for a Library Account

To sign-up for a free library account, please contact the MN Resource Libraries Director, Matthew Kevan:

VP 507-412-8904

Voice 507-384-6790.  

Once a library account has been set-up for you, we will send you a confirmation email with your username and password to complete online ordering.


Circulation Loan Policy


Loan Period  

Patrons Who Can Borrow


4 weeks



4 weeks



6-9 weeks

Cert/Lic TBVI & COMS / DHH

Braillers/Mini Light Boxes/ Calculators

On Demand

Cert/Lic TBVI

AT Equipment

6-9 Weeks

Cert/Lic TBVI


On-Line Ordering Process

To place orders on-line, click on “Login”.  For username, in lower case letters enter your first initial and last name.  For example, if your name is John Smith, your username is jsmith. Then for password, enter the last 4 numbers of your contact phone number.  Once you have accessed your online account you can change your password to whatever you choose.


Return Policy

All items other than braillers, mini light boxes, and calculators have a stated loan period and must be returned to the MNRL. Braillers, mini light boxes and calculators may be kept for as long as the student requires them while living in Minnesota until age 21. They must be returned to the MNRL if the student no longer has a need for them.

If a MNRL brailler needs to be repaired – send it to:

MSAB / Brailler Repair

400 SE 6th Avenue

Faribault, MN 55021

and inform the MNRL that it is no longer in your possession.

If a mini light box no longer works and you have attempted to re-charge it overnight, you may discard it – but you must inform the MNRL that it is no longer in your possession.



Please contact the MN Resource Libraries Director, Matthew Kevan:

VP 507-412-8904

Voice 507-384-6790.


If you borrowed Assistive Technology from the MN Resource Libraries AT Loan Program, you must complete the survey listed below: 

Click here for the AT Loan Survey