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The Recreation Therapy Program at MSAB is one of the expanded core curriculum areas for blind and visually impaired children and offers students a chance to learn, explore, and have fun.  It is designed to offer students a chance to acquire and practice skills, to structure their free time, and to develop independence and self confidence.

The Recreation program offers a wide range of after school activities and programming which exposes students to a variety of leisure interests-both as spectators and as participants.  These can be grouped into the following categories:

On Unit Activities:  These occur daily during students’ free time and are led by residential staff under the direction and assistance of the Recreational Program Assistant.  They may include such things as board games, story time, holiday parties, outdoor activities, and social events.

Recreation Groups:  Groups are centered on a specific topic, activity or goal area, i.e. fitness, gardening, music, books, films, cooking, arts, and crafts, focus on peer interactions and the development of knowledge and leisure interests.   Functional abilities are also emphasized in these groups which are led by the Recreation Program Assistant and Residential staff.

Community Activities:  Activities are scheduled in the Faribault area as well as the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Students participate not only for entertainment but to work on such goals as planning/preparation for activities, money management, appropriate social behaviors, and problem solving skills.  Students/parents are responsible for any fees, admission or other related costs.

Special Events:  Throughout the year, there are performers, programs, and special groups that are brought in to perform for and work with students.  Students may also attend special events that are not part of the recreation calendar and will receive assistance and oversight from the Recreation Program Assistant as needed.  Again, the costs are the student’s/parent’s responsibility.

Facilities: The Recreational Area (The Gopher Burrow) has a healthy Snack Bar that is run by the students. A variety of accessible board games along with games of Air Hockey, Foosball, Showdown, Pool, Ping Pong, Play Station, Wii, and Musical Instruments are available for the student use. A swimming pool, therapy spa, bike trail, outdoor track, and playground are also on our campus. Equipment such as snow shoes, sleds, ice skates, cross country skis, and a wide variety of Physical Education equipment is available in our gym.

Work Opportunities: There are work opportunities for the students through the Recreational program. Jobs for the snack bar, Gopher It Store, Recreational Assistants, and Jr. Lifeguards can be interviewed for.

MSAB works hard to develop the whole person.  The recreation program is an integral part of that development offering students a chance to use their imagination, develop friendships, develop skills, and reach new goals while having fun!

Questions? – Joann Sanborn, Residential Supervisor, (507) 384-6703

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