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Extracurricular Activity Rules

Students are encouraged to participate in all areas of student life at MSAB, including extracurricular activities.  Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, however, that is contingent on responsible behavior.  Students are expected to manage their time appropriately and may need to make choices from among the variety of extracurricular, social, and recreational opportunities offered at MSAB.  Students must meet academic standards set by teachers; conduct and performance standards set by coaches, and have administrative permission to attend any extracurricular event.


Coaches, chaperones, other staff, and students are representatives of MSAB at extracurricular activities.  It is expected that they will treat coaches, competitors, officials, and the public with respect and consideration at all times.

A.  No team member shall use alcohol, tobacco or drugs at any time.

B.  Use of profanity during practices, meets, and while traveling will not be tolerated.  The penalty is at the discretion of the coach and may range from extra practices to suspension or dismissal from the team.

C.  Physical aggression, abusive conduct, harassing behaviors, or any other conduct deemed unsuitable for MSAB students will not be tolerated.  Disciplinary action may range from extra practices to suspension or dismissal from the team at the discretion of the coach.  Other disciplinary action may be taken as determined by MSAB administration in accordance with school policy.

D.  If a planned trip is canceled for any reason, all students must attend their regularly scheduled classes.  They may not return to the dorm or go home simply because they have advance permission to be absent from class.

E.   Coaches may establish curfews for team members as appropriate to individual events and travel plans.


Students must make adequate academic progress in order to maintain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.

A.     A student who has received a "D", "F" or an "Incomplete" on their quarterly report card will be placed on probation.  Students on probation must have a permission slip signed by all of their teachers before they can participate in an event.

B.     The permission slips may be picked up in the main office, and must be turned in to the office at least two days before the event.

  1. Teachers will not sign permission slips unless the student is maintaining a passing grade or making satisfactory progress and has all work up-to-date.


D.     A listing of all students on probation will be maintained by the office and supplied to the coaches on a quarterly basis.


A.     All team members are expected to attend all team practices.

B.     Any absences, unless it is a sudden, unavoidable emergency, should be cleared with the coach at least two days in advance, or as soon as the team member becomes aware of their possible absence.

C.     A team member who is absent from a practice or competition without a valid excuse may be suspended from the next meet.  A second violation may result in suspension from the NCASB tournament.

D.        Students must be in regular attendance at all school classes to maintain eligibility.  Absences due to legitimate ill health or events over which the student has not control will be excused at the direction of the administration and coaches