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Graduation Requirements

The Minnesota Academy for the Blind will award diplomas to students who meet the following qualifications set by the Minnesota State Academies Governing Board and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

1) A standard diploma is awarded when a student meets required core requirements and meets the minimum passing criteria on required state basic skills exams and standards instruction.

Required Core Requirements:

Language Arts - 4
Social Studies - 3.5
Mathematics - 3
Science - 3
Physical Education - 1
Health - 1 
Arts - 1
Electives  - 7.5
Total- 24

Minnesota State Reading, Math and Writing Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the Minnesota State math, reading and writing graduation requirements in order to graduate.   There are a number of ways to meet the graduation requirement: 
• Earn a passing score on the Written Composition. 
• Earn a proficient score on the MCA or a passing score on the GRAD component.
• Earn a passing score on a GRAD retest. 
• Receive an individual passing score (for students on IEP or 504 plan). 
• Meet the alternate pathway requirements for the Mathematics GRAD. 
• Receive an EL exemption. 
• Pass an accountability test from another state approved by MDE.

Multiple Math MCA-II, Reading MCA-II, and Writing GRAD retest opportunities are available to students who do not meet the graduation requirement.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 04) states that all students with disabilities must participate in statewide assessments. For students with a disability, the IEP team decides whether and how the student participates: 
1. By taking the GRAD, with or without accommodations, or 
2. By taking an alternate assessment for accountability and/or graduation.

2) A standard diploma is awarded when a student achieves the goals in their IEP.  For these students, individualized goals (benchmarks) are considered. Credit achievement, examination results, and standards completion are not criteria for the awarding of diplomas.

3) Students who reach age 21 and have been unable to reach goals in their IEP will receive a Certificate of Attendance.