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Physical Education

The MSAB Physical Education Program offers courses for Adapted, Modified, Elementary, Middle and High School students. Aquatics, Lifetime Sports and Recreation skills are also offered.  The small class sizes enable individual attention to be given to each student. The development of basic physical skills and fitness are stressed. The high school physical education courses offered at MSAB are coordinated and based upon state requirements.
The Physical Education courses available at MSAB include: 

  • Pre-K
  • Autistic
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Multi-Challenged

Physical Education is required for all students unless it is determined by the IEP Team to not be appropriate.  In Physical Education, students must be on time to class, follow directions, get along with peers and adults, have proper shoes and make an effort in activities.  The program provides the student with the opportunity to maintain and/or participate in variety of activities. 

High School

High School Physical Education includes lifetime and team sports, fitness testing and an aquatic component.  Students are to have the proper attire for each activity, be on time to class, follow directions, get along with others and make their best effort in each activity.

  • Aquatics
  • Lifetime Skills
  • Recreation Skills

Adaptations for the Physical Education courses at MSAB include sound, color contrast, equipment modification, one to one assistance and instruction.  Course work includes actual participation, learning new and adapted skills along with physical activity in each class.  Students have available to them many opportunities to help reach a level of achievement reflecting their abilities.  Students also have available to them the use of the gym, pool, athletic field and bike path which will help enable them to use instructional physical education programs.
Fun in class in also stressed whether students are participating in the gym, outdoors or in the pool.

MSAB works hard to develop the whole person.  The Physical Education program is an integral part of that development offering students a chance to use their imagination, develop friendships, develop skills, and reach new goals while having fun!