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Braille Instruction Position Statement

Braille instruction is required of all students attending the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind.  Any exceptions will be determined by the results of appropriate assessments and the student’s Individual Education Plan Team. 

Definition of Levels Provided to Students at MSAB

Emergent Braille Literacy:  The process of learning about the environment that leads to the development of meaning and concepts, including concepts about the functions of reading and writing, as well as an awareness that  abstract symbols have meaning and that people use these symbols for the communication of ideas.

Beginning Braille Literacy: This course provides basic skills in reading, as well as a strong emphasis on learning the literary code. Students acquire competency in using the Perkins Braille writer and slate and stylus.

Intermediate Braille Literacy:  Students will use a variety of materials to promote reading fluency, as well as use reading as a tool for learning in the content areas. Students will incorporate technology into their everyday tasks.

Advanced Braille Literacy: Students will continue to develop proficiency in reading and writing Braille. They will apply their Braille skills to course work and activities of daily living on a regular basis. They will also access technology when doing schoolwork.